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It’s time to calibrate your Kraken 612.

There are a couple of things I need to emphasize about the calibration process:

  • Before you focus on near objects, make sure you can focus on objects that are very far away (further the better), at least 100 meters/yards from the camera.  
  • If you cannot focus to infinity, remove the helicoid from the lens cone and remove the lens from the lens board. Hold the lens in front of the lens cone and move it in and out until you can achieve infinity focus. Then measure to see whether the lens cone needs to be longer or shorter. If it needs to be longer, use the shims provided. If it needs to be shorter, print a shorter cone as I talk about in the video. 
  • You do not need to have a shoe-mounted rangefinder. If you’re comfortable with zone focusing, you can set up zones (portrait, group, house, mountain). Set the camera on a tripod and focus on items that are as far away as you would want each zone to be. 
  • If you use a rangefinder, it doesn’t have to be accurate because you are marking on the helical what the rangefinder is reading. For instance: If you rangefinder thinks the flower is 10 ft. away and it is really 12 ft. away, as long as that 10 ft. setting is in focus (which it will be after calibration), then your picture will be fine. 


I’ve prepared a short video about calibrating your camera.

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