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Kraken 612 with 105mm f4.5 Super Topcor
Kraken 612 with 105mm f4.5 Super Topcor
Kraken 612 with 105mm f4.5 Super Topcor

The Kraken 612 is a 3D-printed wide-format camera that uses 120 film. Print one yourself or send it to a printing bureau. No need to change lenses, if you have more than one, print more than one camera and swap cameras instead of lenses. 


The Kraken 612 is a camera you print yourself using your own 3D home 3D printer or to send the files off to a printing service bureau to have them print for you. 

The cost of cheap-but-competent printers such as the Creality Ender 3 is about the same cost (US$200) as it will cost to have the files printed by a 3rd party service bureau. The advantage of having your own printer is the ability to print spare parts or even a second camera for your own use. 


Once you have built the and attached the lens, you will need to calibrate the focus to assure that the camera is able to focus to infinity. This may require multiple steps but it is relatively easy to complete and can be finished in as little as 10 minutes. 


This is the fun part. Once you have your Kraken 612 printed, assembled and calibrated, it’s time to get out and shoot some pictures. 

If you’re new to shooting panoramic images or would just like to see the Kraken 612 in action, use the link at the bottom of the column.


Lens Options

The Kraken 612 is designed for use with large format lenses so there are many options out there for you and there are lenses for almost any budget.  

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