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It’s time to use your Kraken 612.

You’ve done it! You’ve build your camera and calibrated it. Now, it’s time to shoot. 

Loading the Kraken 612

The back door of the camera is designed to have the frame number window on the right or the left. This allows the supply reel to be on either side of the camera, and the take up reel likewise on either side of the camera. In most Western languages we read from left to right (Arabic and Hebrew read from right to left while many Asian languages read vertically from top to bottom) and many roll-film cameras made in the West load on the left and advance to the right. 

The problem is, when you load on the left and advance to the right, the numbers in the window are upside down as backing paper assumes a load on the right and advance to the left. This is not a big issue as the numbers involved (with the exception of 6 and 9) are easy to read even when upside down. If this doesn’t bother you, don’t worry, you can load on the left and advance to the right with no issues. 

If it does bother you (and, I have to confess, it does bother me just a little), you can address this issue by loading the film on the right and advancing to the left. The numbers will be right-side-up. The only adjustment you will need to make is to place the door so the window is on the left side. 

Step 1

Remove the foot at the bottom of the take up-side film well and place the take up reel firmly against the  paddle at the top of the film well. Reinsert the foot and test to make sure you can spin the advance knob. There should be some resistance but you should not have to fight to spin the knob. If the take up reel is too tight to spin easily, sand down the bottom of the foot until it spins with just a little bit of resistance. 

Step 2

Remove the foot at the bottom of the supply-side film well and insert the film in the supply well just as you did with the take up reel. Adjust the foot as necessary. This side should have a little resistance as well. 

Step 3

Remove the paper band from around the film reel and draw it across to the supply reel. Insert the trapezoidal tab into the take up reel and spin the knob until the backing paper is firmly attached to the take up spool. The double-arrow symbol should be visible on the backing paper at the supply reel. Do not advance the backing paper once the double-arrow symbol appears. 

Step 4

Place the door on the back of the camera with the number window on the side nearest the take up reel. Slide the door retaining clips toward the center of the camera to secure the door. 

Step 5

While looking through the number window, advance the film until the number 1 appears. You are ready to shoot your first frame. 

Frame Numbers

Since film manufacturers do not include a set of numbers for 6×12 shooting, we have to improvise. The number window reveals numbers for 6 x 6 frame sizes. We use the ODD NUMBERS ONLY: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11. When you see an even number, keep advancing until you see the next odd number. 

The Kraken 612 (and all 6×12 cameras) can shoot 6 frames on a 120 roll of film. This camera is not equipped to use 220 film since that type does not have backing paper and the film will be exposed through the number window, ruining it. If you have 220 film, do not use it in the Kraken 612.

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